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Imtiaz is a certified health care professional (pharmacist) and a skilled technical writer. He has an extensive experience in writing and updating pharmaceutical technical documents, according to cGMP guidelines. During his employment in pharmaceutical companies, he enriched his knowledge in GMP, ISO, and ICH guidelines and developed his skill in writing pharmaceutical technical documents. He also has sound knowledge over cGMP guidelines by different regulatory authorities. These include WHO, FDA, EU, and Health-CANADA.

While working in full time jobs, Imtiaz was responsible for preparing and updating cGMP documents. Since quitting his last day job, he has been working in -- small to large-scale -- work-for-hire technical writing projects on cGMP documents. If you're in need of cGMP documents or want to update your existing documents, you can directly contact Imtiaz at imtiazdanny@hotmail.com.
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Finding the Right health Insurance | Where You Need to Pay Full Attention?

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No other language preference may help whenever you are trying to understand the #insurance language! In simple words, insurance language is complicated to interpret in simple understanding. No matter how interesting and exciting plans these companies offer, you need to pay the closest attention when you are choosing a plan. In one hand, you need to have the plan within your budget and on the other hand, you have to get the coverage you desire. So the big question is how to find one such plan out of those hundreds of insurance plans. In this post, I have tried to provide you with some basic tips and clues for finding the best Health Insurance plan. Read on to unlock the tips and clues. http://goo.gl/gVrOp

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